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Data Analysis

The Budget Review and Maintenance screen incorporates data analysis tools. These tools allow the user to not only view actual and budget (current and revised) figures for the current financial year, but also compare these to prior years. The user can view the relevant figures at a single General Ledger account level or use the filter to view the figures at a category, sub-category and department level. The screen also includes graphical representation of the figures.  


2.     Analysis features 

The analysis features enables the user to analyse groups of accounts by category, sub-category and department. It therefore becomes simple to visualise the evolution of Revenue accounts or Expenses, etc. The following section highlights the different analysis features included in the General Ledger Explorer screen.

It is not possible to drill down on actual figures selected from a combination of criteria; only single General Ledger Account – single department figures can be drilled through to the audit trail.






3.     Output features:





The screen allows the user to view the financial data contained in the main section of the screen in a graphical format.

The Chart screen can be access by clicking on the "Chart" tab.


After a slight loading time delay, the chart will appear. The charting area is as follow:




Note: The Graph Settings are reset to the default once the user exits the General Ledger Explorer screen.